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With so many years of experience in the manufacturing of outdoor garden water features, waterfall fountains to pots. The team at Water Features Galore are expanding their reach to Brisbane, QLD – we are always on the lookout for more stockist to join our network.

If you are a garden centre or nursery who are looking for new hot products to add to your selection. You will need our water features Brisbane to uplift your range. The more variety your stock, customers will be happy to see a wide selection they can buy.

We continue to redefine our water fountains to come up with the latest and stylish designs to suit any property. We recently added glass waterfall features to our product line, along with pots and statues. All of our water features are built to last in our Brisbane environment, last longer and easy to put together.

Improve Your Life and Outdoor Space with our Water Features Brisbane

When we look at adding value and change in our environment, it can be as easy as purchasing a water feature. You don’t need to splash out on the biggest and expensive garden fountains, something that is eye-catching no matter the size can make a whole lot of difference. 

Water Features Brisbane Online

At Water Features Galore we have stockists in the Brisbane region for you to visit and inspect our outdoor garden water features and glass fountains. We have been designing and manufacturing features that are kind to the eyes to add a sense of serenity to your home. 

We want you to come home from a busy day’s work to a place that can reduce the noise and adding one of our water features to your Brisbane backyard will do this. The sound of softly running waters can soothe and uplift your mood while you sit back with a book or a cup of hot drink. 

The backyard is an atmosphere where we should treasure as it’s the only place close enough to being outdoors with nature. As human beings, we need to be with around trees and fresh air, it keeps us healthy and heal our souls.

Are you ready to purchase or looking to inspect our variety range of stylish water features for a property in Brisbane?

We currently have four different categories to transform your home into a place of happiness.

  1. Water Features
  2. Glass Features
  3. Pots
  4. Statues

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