Surfing experience in Melbourne

Great Ocean Road Surfing Experience

I happen to love surfing even though I am not very good at it but I still love to go down to the Great Ocean Road to surf. Great Ocean Road surfing is a great destination to learn how to surf due to varies waves conditons from rough to a nice and easy waves. Bells Beach as we know it as world famous for surfing competitions with massive, killing waves that will only be for the Pros and experienced surfers.

I think I started to learn how to surf about two years ago as it’s something I like to give a go. Because one of my fears is drowning and my swimming skills is not the greatest which sometimes lead me to panic easily. Putting my fear aside, I have taken up surfing with some friends who’s also interested in learning and we took the two hour introduction together with Great Ocean Road Surf Tours in Torquay.

I found it easy for me to pick myself up and stand as I ride the wave once I catch one that is. The challenging thing for me was paddling with enough power so I am able to catch a wave. This is really frustrating and tiring at the same time. I could be out there for half an hour and still dont catch a decent wave lol – that’s surfing when you are a beginner huh. Gotta love the experience at the Great Ocean Road surfing!

Now, it’s a different story. I am able to catch waves easily and to really maximise my time riding the waves. I guess good things come to those who train and grow. And the only thing that’s the same is my fear of the current taking me away. I found that I am OK as long as I dont attempt to take on bigger waves haha, due to I know I can touch the ground in a few seconds.

Learning to surf in the Great Ocean Road is a safe environment because it’s nice soft waves for beginners down in Angleseas where I spend must of my time.

Great Ocean Road Surfing Destination

Our surfing destination will be in Anglesea where we be spending our day learning to surf and riding pretty good waves.

We first must stop at the Great Ocean Road surf store in Torquay where we will be hiring our gear such as a surf board, wetsuits and roof racks.

It’s about 1.5 hours drive from Melbourne city to Torquay so we be leaving around 7:30 a.m to really maximise our time surfing for the day’s adventure. And also, because there’s a 2 hour lesson available which depart at 9:15 a.m for those will want professional lessons.

Meeting Location for Pick-up:

Address: Melbourne Central Dome, Elizabeth Street, Melbourne VIC 3000

Time: 7:20 a.m

Leave: 7:30 a.m

Nep’s contact details: 04 1151 6787

Surf Lesson Cost

Gor Surf Tour

Surfing Lessons with Great Ocean Road Surf Tours – $65

Our ‘Intro’ 2hr learn to surf lessons from Torquay are a great way to get a taster into the world of surfing.  With everything included from our surf school to get you started, this option includes beach and ocean awareness as well as an easy to follow, detailed surf lesson and hands on personalised coaching.

  • Surfboard
  • Wetsuit
  • Surf Lesson & Coaching

1 x Lesson – $65

Other Notes:

If you are looking save some money, I am happy to give some beginning lessons/tips on how to paddle and standing up 😀

Just Gear Hiring Cost

If you already have some surfing experience which you do not require surfing lessons.

You can just hire:

  • surf board for $25
  • wetsuit for $15

Total of $35 for the whole day!

Orginiser’s Time – $32


The cost for my time as:

  • Your organiser
  • Meetup Group fees
  • Driver
  • Vehicle wear and tear
  • Petrol
  • Will be $32 including Paypal fees.


Please bring your own lunch or snacks as surfing can be very demanding on your body. There’s also cafes and stores just around the corner if you so ever need.

Let’s enjoy the adventure together!

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