the great ocean road tour melbourne
Loch Ard Gorge Tour Melbourne

Great Ocean Road One Day Adventure Trip in Victoria

This is a one day of the Great Ocean Road adventure tour Melbourne that will let people who’s new to Melbourne or just interested in seeing a couple of recommended things to do while passing through Melbourne region; the one day tour will include a nice scenic drive on the Great Ocean Road, it’s the world longest memorial drive of the fallen soldiers in WW1 – see the Twelve Apostles, Loch Ard Gorge and take pictures of koalas at Kennett River.

The day trip is designed for smaller group who would like a more personal experience, no waiting on a slow tour bus. You will have the flexibility to make stops, think of it as a group of new friends going on a day trip that’s run by Nep Thach, your Meetup organiser. The benefits are limitless; the cost are just to cover the day such as petrol, car wear and tear, and the organiser’s time and to help keep our Meetup group up and running with annual group fees.

Aerial Video

Oh! Did I mentioned that with my Meetup events there will be a aerial video for you to download as part of my gift to you 🙂 – Now that’s a day trip event run by MLC .

Details to be announce – stay tune and visit Meetup Group

Day One – The Great Ocean Road Trip

The Great Ocean Road is one of Melbourne’s popular sightseeing destination full of spectacular views, scenic hiking tracks, breathtaking coastlines, beaches, surfing and the beautiful twelve apostles.

The Journey

We will be leaving Melbourne early morning and head towards Torquay, the start of the Great Ocean Road, our first destination will be at Anglesea where we will be doing some morning water activities. We have an option to hire a motor boat, paddling boat or canoe/kayak.

One Day Trip in Victoria

Hiring cost for our morning activities are below.

  • Motor boat – $25 for 15 minutes up to three people
  • Paddle boat – $20 for two people for 15 minutes
  • Canoe/kayak – $30 for an hour for up to two people

We will allow up to one hour of activities to enjoy the beautiful morning in Anglesea, the location is always full of people enjoying the lake, walks, surfing and food. It’s a great first stop, we can pop into a cafe for morning tea or bring your own.

Estimated time of completion with morning tea – 12:00 pm

Great Ocean Road of WW1 Soldiers Memorial

Great Ocean Road Memorial Arch of WW1

We will stop over at the memorial arch for a group photo, do your selfies and aerial group photo.

Second Destination – Kennett River, See Koalas and Enjoy our Lunch


Estimated time of arrival – 1:00 pm

After a good outdoor activity session in the morning to get our blood boiling, we will head off to Kennett River for lunch at the local stores (Koala Cove Cafe), or pack your own lunch, and see koalas. Kennett River has the largest population of koalas, and the perfect way to spot them is through a relax walk on Grey River Road, it’s not just koalas you will spot during your walk, there’s King Parrot and Kookaburras.

Let’s allow up to one hour for this event including lunch. We also have an option to travel a bit further to Apollo Bay for lunch which is only half an hour away.

Third Destination – The Twelve Apostles at Port Campbell

The Twelve Apostles, Loch Ard Gorge

Leave Kennett River at 2:30 pm

Estimated time of arrival – 4:30 pm

We will head straight to Port Campbell to see the stunning Twelve Apostles and Loch Ard Gorge. Make sure you bring your camera’s for this guys lol, don’t want to miss the breathtaking views of the 12 Apostles and Loch Arch Gorge. Let’s do a group photo to finish off the day

The Day Trip Price – $65 exclude meals and activities

Comparing with other tour groups/guide you be looking at easily close to $100, full of people, stuck on a slow bus and no flexibility.

With Outdoor & Life Adventures Meetup Group, I want to provide a better experience, better memories, enjoy the great outdoors and meet new friends. Best of all, you will get a link to a aerial video of our day trip .

Think of it as a small group of friends enjoying a cruise on the Great Ocean Road, enjoying some outdoor activities and with the flexibility to make our day as we want it. Nep, is your driver and organiser for the Meetup Group event.