Outdoor experience in Melbourne


The name is Nep Thach, a web analyst for Jim’s Cleaning Group. I like to keep myself challenged, mentally and physically.  A couple of things I have achieved are; 2012 Melbourne Marathon and the 45k Great Ocean Road Marathon in 2014. I have bought myself a cross road bike in which I will be training for the around the bay in a day of 250ks. This will be my 2015 challenge!

Melbourne Marathon 2012

But first here’s how I got myself started as an adventure junkie.

Life Was Tough

I went through one of the toughest stage of my life being depressed in my early 20’s and even went through with committing suicide by pouring petrol over car, lid it and drove off the side of the road. My back was burnt with plenty of splinters and scars to show for it. I spent the next couple of months in a mental health institute where my mum and younger brothers visit me on a regular basis. While I slowly recover from my injuries, and talking things through with a psychiatrist – which I found it didn’t help at all.

Reasons I found myself in that situation due to; I don’t have a purpose in life, a career I enjoy and  feel as if I was going nowhere. I picked myself up and did something about it by quitting my labouring job at Wiamea Sawmillers in Nelson, New Zealand. And registered a full-time study in a Diploma in Graphics and Multimedia at Nelson Institute of Technology.

I spent hours and hours of extra studies than anyone else in my class, self taught on-line through Lynda online tutorials on how to work with Photoshop, Dreamweaver to build websites and Maya 3D animation software. This is the first time in my life I put 100% into this passion. The first time I got my first A – I was stoked ae! It was an addicted feeling and from there I just keep getting them, effects has paid off.

I was the only person in my class who went ahead and set up a website “nghiepthach.co.nz” as an on-line portfolio to showcase my work. I applied for one job at www.spectrumcs.co.nz and was called in for interview. Kath like my portfolio on-line, she likes how I animated the website and was offered a job as web and graphic designer. I have never worked with Joomla CMS, but I have worked with Drupal thanks to a friend who told me to get on to it. It was pleasant to be working with the lovely couple; Katherine and Stuart, and my colleagues Lisa and Marco.


Abel Tasman Kayak Experience

Thanks to a career in the web industry I was able to fund the things I always want to do. I bought two second-hand kayaks; one is a tourer the other is a beach fun to share with friends. I spend pretty much everyday after work out on my kayak cruising on Tahuna Beach, Nelson, New Zealand and weekend trips to Marlbourough Sounds and Abel Tasman. Took lessons on white-water kayak on how to roll, so one day I could venture the white-water rapids.

Bought myself a Super Cheap Auto bike that has a warning sign that says “Do not use on mountain”…Oh well, on some weekends I like to take it to the track behind my flat in Richmond, Nelson for a relax ride. It seems to be in good working order as long as I don’t push it hard.

Mountain biking experience

The Best Medicine For Depression

Thanks to my regular outdoors activities I have taken on and enjoy things I always wanted to do, has driven the blue side of depression out the window! Because, regular exercise is good for your mentality thanks to the brain releasing a happy chemical that makes you feel good and crave for the adventure!

Looking back I was given a second chance in life and I am going to take it and live life to the fullest. I have always believe in higher power and ever since I live in the words of “Live Right, Live Life”

Share The Experience and Help Build a Better Lifestyle Choice

I always wanted to give new things a try and see what it takes me, new opportunities is always waiting to enhanced a better lifestyle. This is one of my small goal, on the weekend I like to take small groups who has never enjoy the great outdoors and always wanted to give it go but don’t have anyone to do it with. I will be experimenting with friends, friends of friends by unleashing my adventure touring guide.

White water rafting