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David Goggins Can’t Hurt Me Book Review

10 Minutes Yoga Stretching by Kassandra

I Started Doing 10 Mins Yoga Stretching by Following Along Kassandra

I’ve been putting in my daily morning exercise since I started especially from Monday to Friday. In the past few weeks, I’ve been doing it every single day, my morning routine starts with either a HIIT (high intensity interval training) workout by Chris Heira and then finish off usually with lower Abs exercise by Rowan […]

Water Features Brisbane

Brisbane Water Features

At Water Features Galore we have stockists in the Brisbane region for you to visit and inspect our outdoor garden water features and glass fountains

Drone Photography

Drone Photography

Commercial Drone Photography Services Drones is the one of my latest passion that I have decided to add aerial drone photography and videography services as my career path. Drone is the latest new trend for commercial purposes and can be use for real estate,  surveying, spotting and video marketing. Drones are a low cost option […]

Winery Tours Yarra Valley

Yarra Valley Wine Tours

Spartan Beast Recap

Spartan Race – 21k Beast Event Recap Spartan Race Melbourne 21k Beast Event Recap – 12 September 2015 I was really looking forward to this awesome event when I heard a 21k Beast was coming to Melbourne, straight away I purchase the ticket to tackle the obstacles alone. My goal was to cross the finish […]

Active Singles

Fitness Singles