Trees Adventure in Belgrave

Trees Adventure Belgrave

This is a really full on fun day experiencing and tackling your fears with heights in trees adventure in Belgrave, surrounded by beautiful forest trees and it features native rare trees like the magnificent 150-year-old Algerian Oak. Which currently being use as a home base for trees adventure in Belgrave.

Trees Adventure Belgrave

Explore the stunning course design around trees by doing some tree surfing in Belgrave, three level heights from beginner blue, medium red and the difficult black. It’s a really good adrenaline rush that will get your heart rate up and down as you tackle 70 obstacles. The tree adventure in Belgrave are design to suit everyone from the young to the old, low fitness to the fun adventure junkies.

I have done this course twice and I most say it’s a must thing to do if you are looking for some good old fashion flying fox fun and if you are looking to challenge yourself physically and mentally then this is the one for you!

Come for a good laugh with the group, experience new adventure or new challenge for the year; some people do Spartan or Tough Mudder but this is something quiet different to tick off your bucket list.

Follow by lunch to catch and talk about your crazy trip stuck on the trees in Belgrave city center, choose a spot 🙂 or visit Chocolate Sensation – Shop 2, 1700 Burwood Highway.

P: (03) 9754 1174 Wide Variety of Fine Cakes, Breads and Food.

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Price – Tree Surfing in Belgrave


Ticket price is $40 for tree surfing & trees adventure entry with two hours on the course including training. You can do as many course as you like within your time, the fast you accomplished the course the faster you can tackle a new one. Last I remember, I was able to do the Red once and two runs on the Black. If you do not feel like climbing on a higher level, you are welcome to climb the same or lower courses again.

Meetup Group Fees $5 + Paypal fees of $1.50

This for Meetup annual fees to help keep the group running and my time as an organiser – MLC GoPro footage for your memories.

Total cost for the day outing is $46.50 for a great day of adventure in Belgrave, Melbourne.

Refund details – $45 will be refundable. 
Meetup members will read and accept this when they say they are going.
I will refund members if…
> the Meetup is cancelled
> the Meetup is rescheduled