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Weight Loss that’s Fun!

Summer is just around the corner and we all want to look our best. So what is the first thing we do? Just like everybody we sign up to a gym membership.

This is not the only way but it’s the way we’ve been taught. I myself have hit the gym with the idea of getting fit and healthy.

Now that I look back I find myself to dislike going there. The idea of going to a box full of people but you feel alone. Maybe it’s just me but the idea of the gym does not seem fun.

The Alternative to the Gym

For me the best way to lose weight and have fun at the same time is find an activity I would enjoy and give it a go. This can be from any activity such as walking, jogging, cycling, surfing , kayaking to skateboarding.  Because it’s an activity that you really enjoy doing and having fun the more likely you will participate more as part of your lifestyle.

lifestyle change Melbourne

A Lifestyle Change

Don’t just think about losing weight and look good, it’s about making a lifestyle change. If you are just looking to lose weight this can be seen as work and you are more likely to fail. You must think of it as part of your lifestyle, it is something that you enjoy and will benefit you in the long term. This will provide you with a much happier and healthier life to live longer.

Sometimes it’s about sacrifices like reducing social time with your friends to focus on achieving your goals. Because you are participating in events that you love you will make new friends that are into the same thing as you. They will provide you with motivation and support. For me personally, I find people who are into sports and activities are more friendly, caring and very supportive to one another.

Yarra River Kayak in Melbourne City

Go. Enjoy. Life.

Having fun keeping fit and a whole new lifestyle change you will find more energy and time. You will notice your circle of friends will change and that you will be out and about every weekend living it up and enjoying life. Learn more about my weightloss journey via YouTube