Fitness Singles – Outdoor Dating & Fitness Dating

Fitness Singles to Outdoor Dating & Fitness Dating is an online dating service based in Melbourne for Melburnians who are fit, outgoing and on the market to find fitness partner, outdoor group activities and finding life companions. It’s specially tailored to all active singles in Melbourne who’s looking for other fitness singles for outdoor dating experience.

Why Join Our Fitness Singles, Outdoor Dating or Fitness Dating?

Our online dating community is build for all fitness and active Melbourne singles. Our website is fully FREE to sign up and start connecting with new friends, join group conversations or one on one session in private. There is no monthly fees – it’s a friendly, happy environment best of all it’s FREE.

Our goal is to provide our health and fitness community the ability to find each other without having to worry about monthly fees and not sure what you are getting when signed up to a subscription plan.

Create Your Own Fitness Groups

One of the most amazing feature on our website is the ability to create a fitness group(s) to your tastes such as cycling, bodybuilding and walking. With this function on our dating website will help gather people with similar interests into one group where you can have group interactions, create events and participate together in outdoor dating events such as rock climbing to running or cycling.

As an administrator for you group you can decide who can join or make it available to public. Maintain a friendly environment that suits you and your vision for the fitness group.