Honda CBR300R Melbourne

2015 Honda CBR300R ABS in Melbourne

2015 Honda CBR300R ABS is my first motorbike I bought back in December 2014, Melbourne. I have also wanted to own a motorbike since I had a ride with younger brother’s bike in Wellington, NZ. It was such a nice thrill to be riding and from there I kept dreaming of the day I get one.

There’s so many stories about motorcycles accidents that I was afraid to get my license and been prolonging it. The thing is you cannot stop yourself from enjoying the things you want to do, accidents happens and people die all the time.


First Scooter Accident

Last year in June 2014 I went on a holiday to Thailand with a couple of friends, we hired a scooter each and rode around Patong region along the beach. I was taking the corner a bit too fast, skit along the sand on the road and fell off. It was not a pretty sight with my skins tearing off and blood everywhere. Thank goodness nothing else was broken.

Honda CBR300R Fun Rides

You have to take your Honda CBR300R ABS for rides as often as you can to gain experiences and confident with your leaning and speed. I have taking the bike for rides to Healsville, one trip to Ballarat and Mt. Macedon.

Mt. Macedon with Harley

Kingslake with Triumph