Spartan Beast Recap

Spartan Race – 21k Beast Event Recap

Spartan Race Melbourne

Spartan Race Melbourne

21k Beast Event Recap – 12 September 2015

I was really looking forward to this awesome event when I heard a 21k Beast was coming to Melbourne, straight away I purchase the ticket to tackle the obstacles alone. My goal was to cross the finish line and receive my green medal to add to the other medals.

Spartan Race - Nep Thach

I have completed Spartan Race 7k and 14k and only needed the 21k Beast to complete my collection. I found the obstacle course events are so much fun to participate and also challenge myself.

Beast Breakdown

Totally down with my running towards the race day and was feeling not too well but decided to go ahead.

When arriving at the parking lot I had made a new friend who’s also doing the course solo, so we decided to join up and run together. The atmosphere on the HQ was filled with joy, sweat and achievement as Spartans. As we wait and take in the atmosphere, we met with another solo runner and will be joining us – so the three of us had form a team.

At the start of the course was hilly and it took my breath away, my calves was killing me. I feel like this is it for me haha, I had to stop and walk to catch my breath again. There were too many hills to tackle and it was rough…You just have to keep your feet moving is all you can do.

Tough Obstacles

There’s a few tough obstacles blocking our way and failed to complete any will result in doing 30 burpees before heading to the next.

  • Rope Traverse – surely is tough hanging below the rope and pull yourself to the other side.
  • Rope Climb – I failed this obstacle this time, just couldn’t get the technique right.
  • Monkey Bars – the bar was OK to get passed but all the effort took a toll on me as I reached the rings. A couple attempts fails my strength gave out.

There are way too many repetitive obstacles such as crawling in boxes which I found a bit boring.

Our Spartan Beast Video

It’s always fun to have a small team together, if you are looking for join in the fun. Just let me know, get fit and healthy with our fitness partners community.

Special Thanks to Gavin & Ben

Spartan Beast Melbourne

Without their support I would had struggle to complete the course.