I remember growing up in New Zealand in my early 20s, wondering what to do with my life, is there more to what I am doing at the moment and where is this life going to take me?

During the twenties, it has been a hectic and downhill ride. I feel I was working in the job that was going nowhere, and I was going through anxiety and depression and one day, I went ahead and tried to commit suicide.

I was given a second chance on life and instead of feeling sorry for myself and my job. I decided to enrol in a course to find a new career.

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New Career and New Direction

I wanted a new career, so I signed up for a diploma in graphics in multimedia, learning the art of graphic design and animation. Soon after my graduation applied for my first job and landed my first role as a junior graphic and website designer.

I was in a relationship with my partner; we’re both very excited while I was working full-time with my new job. Things ended shortly after as a feel like this relationship is going nowhere for me and I want a change.

Jump over the Border

After a few years has passed, I felt as if things are still the same, so I decided to take a new leap of faith and come over the border to Melbourne, Australia. If you can’t change your circumstances at least you can change your surroundings, being in a new environment can help a person grow.

My mum and my brother were living in Melbourne, and I join them as I continued to work and trying to find myself. I was sleeping on the couch and working as a labourer in a vineyard doing the pruning. I was getting paid $10 cash a day for 12 hours shifts. I was making $120 a day while I’m looking for a new job in graphic and web site design.

After working for a few weeks, I’ve landed a job at a website design agency. I helped with graphics and develop WordPress websites. Again I was going through the motions just working earning cash for the sake of living.

During my working life, the longest I stayed in a job was nearly four years as an in-house role as a web manager. I left that role to work for myself, and I can’t new to fell and struggle to make a living. Only recently that I understand struggle and mindset and that they are there to help you grow and get stronger.

Understand your goals and family

Since I have been Melbourne, I met a special lady where we have a relationship that’s on and off until recently we had a baby together. We are both working hard to make it work and loving the life that we are created for ourselves and the family. I understand that to be successful in life; you must go out of the box, you were being comfortable and get used to being uncomfortable that is the only way that you can grow physically and mentally.

Starting a private winery tours business from Melbourne to the Yarra Valley, I love the idea of working in the great outdoors by taking people up, showing them around and create new memories. And this year I have the privilege of kick-starting a private winery tour business from Melbourne to the Yarra Valley.

This business was born of my love being in the great outdoors learning lots of new activities. This business started when I took over a Meetup group where I organise outdoor activities for people from all over the world to go and explore. I have a vision where I can get paid doing what I love, and that’s when kangaroo hopping tours was born.

My partner decided to join me in the last few months, and it’s been a remarkable journey where we both continue to learn the finer details of running a business and juggling a family.


Kangaroo Hopping Tours

Appoint a difference in this business is to provide value for our hens day winery tours. And that is to offer personalised onsite photography and videos. Being a tour guide, I love using a camera to capture my guess what they create new memories before friends and families.

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