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How To Loose Weight With This Weight Loss Tips

Losing weight does not have to be rocket science ladies and gentlemen, here’s some basic weight loss tips.

Keep it simple by not consuming junk and bad fatty foods to start and reduce carbohydrates in the evening – Carbs are created to provide you with an emmense energy boost and if you don’t use its it will store as fat. Switch to a healthier meal option by eating plenty of colorful vegetables, nuts, seeds, fish and drink a lot of water daily.

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Must remove alcohol at all costs! 

Alcohol to me is poison to the body, by removing the substance during your weight lost training you will see significant difference in your face and eyes. It literally will make you look younger!

No Alchol when losing weight

Keep portion size normal

Always keep your portion size to a standard so you don’t put in to many calories. And eat more regular to keep hunger at bay and boost your matabolism.

Eat plenty of colorful veggies when trying to lose weight

Regular Exercise is Good!

What I do personally during my 9-5 working hours is go for a walk during my breaks; morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. Any exercise you do will burn calories and boost your metabolism.

The best time to burn good calories is in the morning before you have breakfast. Start of by drinking couple glasses of water to kick start your fat burning process.  Because you been fasting overnight that when you do light jogging the body has no choice but to use body fat to fuel your energy. The faster you walk,  jog or run to get your heart rate going, the faster you burn fat. Due to your body has to work extra hard to keep you breathing by pumping loads of oxygen throughout your body.

Also, the best part is after you do a good heart rising exercise, there is a thing call post-burning fat affect. Yes, as you cook and have your breakfast then off to work, your exercise from the morning will continue to burn calories!

High intensive Training

Best time to get a fat burning affect is in the morning – only spend 15 minutes to start off and build your endurance.

The goal to reach is high intensive training by slowly building up your walking to jogging and then running at 165 beats per minute during your 15 minute work out.

Slow cardiovascular work out like walking can only burn little calories. Thus, if you really want to lose weight then  focus on building strength in your lungs, endurance and stamina to go harder during the 15 minute workout.  The result will be astounding and visible appearance will change after 2 weeks. You will easily loose 1kg a week if you want to exercise twice a day; morning and after work a total of 30 minutes a day – no joke!

Here’s my results for weight loss below.

weight loss program

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